Popular for both Flooring and Wall decoration, our sustainable resources  provides strand woven Bamboo flooring and Bamboo Mosaic tiles are eco-friendly and made of bamboo fibers that are laminated together.

It is twice as hard than traditional bamboo. It's durability, and moisture resistance makes it an ideal choice for residential and commercial units with high activities frequency

The innovative texturing technology creates a high wear resistant laminate which not only protects the floor but also enhances it's Asthetics. Our Laminate Floorings  Series are suitable for use in Residential or Commercial spaces

The Wood Plastic Composite for Outdoor Decking & Flooring manufactured in our Factory are Eco-Friendly. With the Wood Plastic molded thru precise molding machines with composites consisting of Anti-Oxidant and Anti Fungus agents for extra durability

Our Wood Flooring are accented by UV Oil to enhanced and preserve the natural warm feel of the wood character. Rich Grain texture are wire brushed leaving a deep texture

The unique Fuming Process changes the color of the timber to bring out the Rich Old look of the past which integrates into Modern themed homes

WPC and Engineered Wood Flooring

Bamboo Tiles and Laminate Floorings

Stones and Tiles

Polished Porcelain Tiles showcases unique grains like flowing water with natural curve showing spacial grace and true gentleness.

Powder Polished Tiles uses the technique of combining micro powder with coloring which adds a handsome texture and 3D effect to develop this new generation high grade

Glazed Porcelain Tiles creates a warm feeling brought out by the color and textured surface

Exterior Porcelain Tiles are specially designed for exterior wall use imitating natural cultured stones

interior products

Flexible Design and Solutions with quality fabrications, our kitchen cabinets and island enables you to create the ideal environment for your daily gourmet indulgence

Kitchen Systems

Storage and Wardrobe Solutions

Folding Door customized Closet with modulized storage solutions

Specialized custom walk-in wardrobe systems provides complete integration solutions for your contents space